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Theoretical Defense for Christian Dior

1. Dior’s silhouette lines with authentic models and sketches.
Drawn commercial for Dior’s products.
Emblematic colours and fabrics.
Stylish and elegant photosession, of which I am very fond, yet again including a fashion sketch.
2. My sketch project with a Dior textile collage , representing its typical colours and fabrics for Dior – grey, black, silver, velvet , lace, silk and lame.
3. Composition for commercial for a Dior’s product with classical Dior’s looks and elements – cell phone and wristwatch.

Colours and Textures


Flowers and Colours

These are textile compositions concerning – fabric, colour and texture. I have chosen preferred colour: gold, silver, geomеtric figure , floral motive, striped and checked to make a textile collage.They have turned into e stylistic task,involving models from different designers. I have personally formed them graphically.


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Fashion by Reneta Kanevska

Fashion by Reneta Kanevska

Inspired to inspire.
People often describe me as a dreamer.
Reneta Kanevska, fashion & lifestyle blogger.


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