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People often describe me as a dreamer, I don’t simply let my wishes fade away – I chase them until I make them real. This is not only the story about me, but the story behind my blog as well.

My interest in fashion image3emerged when I was a little girl hoping that one day I will design my own fashion collection. Every day when I finished school, I was eager to go to the fashion design course that I was attending. There I spent five amazing years learning about fashion from the masterpieces of famous designers. It is also where I made my dream come true. Having devoted significant amount of time working on sketchbooks and various design projects, I received a great inspiration and an opportunity to design and host my fashion collection.

With those experiences and even more behind my back, I was confident that I want to study Fashion Marketing and Business Management at university in a city which inspires fashion and art. Living and studying in the vivid city of London, I was able to see and feel the distinctive difference between style and fashion just by walking around the lively areas. Feeling this inspired and excited, I launched my blog during my first year at university. I wanted to make the most of my free time by sharing my experience and inspirations coming from the atmosphere and positive vibes of London. I tried to seize every opportunity to prepare interesting posts that the people would like to follow and discuss. Having that in mind, I had the chance to explore unique places, wearing extravagant outfits. I have gained experience working with fashion companies, attending press days and events and travelling. All of this is a reflection of my blogging’s ambition and has ultimately led to great experiences in my life like travelling for fashion week in London, Milan and New York and to many other destinations.

In this pursuit to showcase what fashion means to me, I hope I inspire more people to find their own style. I will keep doing this emphasizing on the importance of personal style with a focus on creativity. Opening a window to my world with a positive vibe, I will continue to share with you my passion for personal style, fashion and lifestyle.



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Fashion by Reneta Kanevska

Fashion by Reneta Kanevska

Inspired to inspire.
People often describe me as a dreamer.
Reneta Kanevska, fashion & lifestyle blogger.


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