Style à la provençale

June 2, 2017

Spacious art deco buildings, ancient apartments, high ceilings, and balconies, whether we talk fashion or interior design, the French style has always been a great muse for me. What I like in France is the mixture of contemporary style with the classic French and typical Parisian vibes. There are many hidden cities in France which have their own sense of place, and it’s worth it to find one yourself, visit it and explore its ancient and picturesque sites.


I had the opportunity to do so last month and it was my best visit to the country so far. My best friend Elé lives in a beautiful city in the South of France – Nimes. I was very excited to visit it because of what she has told me before about its beauty and old Roman history – just like my home town Plovdiv. In short, it is not a big city, it has small Italian style streets, amazing parks and gardens and a very interesting history. I will only share with you that in Nimes you can see sightseeings that were built after some well known architectural heritages which can be found in a city in the heart of Italy.


It was a huge pleasure for me to feel the atmosphere and experience a typical lifestyle in the southern parts of France for a couple of days. Wearing H&M, sneakers Forever21


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