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October 10, 2014

people see London as a hectic place, which frustrates with its intensity. I see
London as a lively city full of opportunities for those who are ready to seize
them and work hard.
I have been living in London for more than
2 years now and I still feel I know just a little part of this tremendous
multi-cultural city. London is a dream just to visit for so many people and I
am honoured to have the opportunity to live and study here. In London, I find
inspirations everywhere – people, galleries, museums, streets. As I said
before, in London I dare to dream. Every time I go out, I see something new and
unexpected and I feel that this somehow excites me and arouses new ideas in me. 
I had the great chance to team up
with BANK
 and introduce you to my favourite places here in
London. BANK
  have recently launched their newest competition
#CityRefresh, which gives you the opportunity to shout and show your favourite
place in your town – hot spots, cafes, sights, anything you think is worth
showing! Check the details here and make your camera ready! Besides,
you will also have the chance to win a city break worth up to £1000 and hurry
up, because it ends 19.10.2014! Here are some of my picks in London..

Parliament Square is not only one of the London’s biggest
tourist attractions, but it is also a great place to chill in the weekends and
enjoy the unique places around you.


Crowds, shops and living atmosphere is what you will see on
Piccadilly Circus 24/7. It is a must visit place for everyone coming to London.
Thames Riverside walk.
The best place for a
walk in London is definitely by the river Thames. You can observe the
whole beauty of the city and some of the most remarkable places like Tower
Bridge, Tower Hill, London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and others.
Canary Wharf.
Canary Wharf is a major business district
and one of the two financial centres in London. In Canary Wharf there is also a
huge shopping centre firmly established as a first class shopping and leisure
Kingly Court has three floors of shops, cafes and
restaurants set around an open courtyard. It is crossing the famous Carnaby
Street in London and it is the perfect place for a drink with friends.

I will lie if I say Costa is not my favourite coffee shop. It
is actually one of the places I visit the most in London. I enjoy the coffee
and it is really convenient for a quick chitchat with your friends in
between daily tasks.

& Events. 
London is one of the biggest and hottest
spots for all kind of events. Here everything is happening right now! If you
are interested and curious enough, you will easily find the ones suitable for
Let’s say this is my favourite one! Sweet
and fun things are welcoming you right at the entrance of M&M’s Flagship
Store in London. Burberry, Topshop, Apple and many others have their
incredibly designed flagship stores located at the centre of London.

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